Meet Ynés

We are absolutely buzzed to launch the second edition of our Woman by Woman series with a very special collaboration, Ynés Suelves x Jimmy Lion! Get an inside look at the creative process behind this limited-edition collection…

Let’s talk roses! More than an iconic element of your art (and your brand’s logo), it’s also present in your slogan: "Let’s plant roses all over the world". What do roses mean to you, and what would you like to say with them?

For us, the rose is a symbol that represents strength, beauty and purity. Throughout the years my mom and I have dreamt of the rose's potential power, and of our dream of planting roses all over the world. But beyond wanting our brand to cross borders, we want the rose to have a more positive message around the world. With time, we would love to be able to donate a portion of our profits to social projects – do our part to make the world a better place.

This is the first collaboration of our Woman by Woman series in which we turn to one talented woman to design socks for women. But this collection really has no limitations and is for everyone. That said, how do you think art can be used to break down barriers and to help create a more inclusive world?

Art, in the end, has always been about that. It’s mankind’s tool for breaking down the barriers of our day-to-day and opening up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s our way of creating, during which, we evolve. Art is the most authentic way we have to express ourselves and communicate as individuals to the rest of the world. Art has a unique fearlessness that allows it to show reality just as it is, no matter how raw, and that is, really, crucial so that people can open their minds. 

Creativity is in your blood, especially since your mom is also an artist. How has she inspired you?

My mom has shown me a different way of seeing the world, she’s shown me not to put limits on myself, that everything is possible. Actually, she always responds with "WHY NOT?" (although when she sends me a message it’s usually "Y NOT?"). On the other hand, she’s inspired me to find the beauty in everything, to train my eye and mind to find something beautiful in every little thing.

You’re a multi-disciplinary artist: you create jewelry, design clothes, you sculpt and paint murals… What’s your creative process like? And what are some of the challenges of each material or medium?

Going back to the idea of limits, once we start creating and dreaming up a new project, all barriers disappear. We like to create a whole universe around our collections. Our process is pretty simple. We need to chat, brainstorm and spit out every single idea that pops into our heads without fear, no matter how silly or crazy (as my mom always says, "Y NOT?"). We always bank on doing things the best way possible, of the highest quality, and with the environment in mind, while also still taking care of the legacy created by our forebearers.

You recently reflected, "I don’t look for perfection, but I look for beauty and utility [...]🌹". When it came to this collection, how did you work that thinking into the design process? How did you choose the materials? The designs?

For us, everything boils down to something as simple as ‘‘beautiful and useful’’. At the end of the day, fashion is clothing. It’s not only a tool for self-expression, but also serves a purpose and is functional. I think there are two types of designers: those who design for the clothes to be used; and those who design with a more artistic aim. I value both, but I belong to the first group. 

For me, clothing makes sense and comes to life when somebody wears it, when it’s comfortable and not only makes them feel good, but also speaks to who they are. When it came to designing this collection, it was pretty simple, especially since there are few things more practical than socks. Not only that, but socks can play such a big part in someone’s look. With that in mind, we had a few things crystal clear: a unisex design with our most emblematic designs that was as comfortable as possible.

Which design’s your favorite and why?

It’s hard to choose, but I’d have to say the Athletic Rose — it’s the most authentic and representative [of my work].

What’s your favorite album or go-to band when you need some inspiration?

It changes all the time, but right now I can’t get enough of Billie Eilish.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

That they try to be themselves and not to be afraid — it’s the only way to stand out as unique.

And, last but not least: Coffee or tea?

I’d love to say tea, but I’m a hopeless coffee addict!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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