Urban Bites

New York! New York! The city so nice they named it twice is also the city that has inspired creators from every walk of life, from artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat to filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock. But the city’s magic doesn’t stop there. Our take? The day to day is where it’s at. From running down to the corner bodega where you can grab everything from a bottle of Cab to Windex, to making it out to Coney Island for a classic dog, New York has it all. 

And New York is where this whole adventure started.

New York is our origin story.

What better way to pay tribute to our origins than by dedicating our debut t-shirt collection, Urban Bites, to NYC’s best eats?

Inside the Collection

Each of the seven original designs from our first collection of tees is made with 100% organic cotton so you can feel good about looking good. And the fit? Perfect. Really. We tested. Not too big, not too fitted, juuuust right – the Goldilocks of fits.

And the designs? They’re inspired by some of NYC’s most iconic dishes and drinks like the Perfect NYC Slice – thin crust, even sauce to cheese ratio and low-moisture mozz for a perfect cheese pull with each bite. Then of course, we have the delicious Crab Sandwich with its perfectly toasted bun schmeared with lemon butter, a dab of mayo, quality crab and a dash of secret spices. 

But our culinary tour of NYC doesn’t stop there. Not big on seafood? No worries, we always have the iconic Burger. Or how about another NYC classic, the Hot Dog? And last but not least, you can’t leave the city without trying some of Chinatown’s legendary takeout. We’re talking Noodles, baby. 

Finally, wash it down with an iconic cocktail. Take your pick: Bloody Mary or Manhattan?

That wraps up our tour of NYC’s best eats (and tees). If you make it over to the City That Never Sleeps, let us know which is your favorite!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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