Materials Matter: Organic Cotton

When it comes to bringing our original designs to life, all materials are not made equal. As part of our continued commitment to getting us closer to our sustainability goals, we have worked hard to find the perfect mix of better materials and more responsible production. After careful consideration, we’ve determined that, for both sustainability and durability, certified organic cotton is the best fit for many of our products.

What is organic cotton?

To be recognized as such, organic cotton must be certified separately from other cotton. Internationally recognized entities, like OEKO-TEX® and the Textile Exchange, verify the safety and quality of organic cotton using a rigorous standardized system. It is tested to ensure it’s free of harmful chemicals including pesticides. Not only does this mean that organic cotton is safe for humans, but it also means that it is free of harmful chemicals during its production – which has a direct impact on the natural habitat where it’s grown. 

1. What You See Is What You Get: Traceability

From the farm to your favorite pair of socks or go-to tee, with certified organic cotton, you can track the chain of custody ensuring more transparency.

2. Good-for-You Feel: GMO & Pesticide-Tested

Our 100% organic cotton is tested and certified to ensure it contains <10% GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and is free of harmful pesticides.

How do we integrate the use of organic cotton into the production of our original designs?

Once certified, the organic cotton is spun into organic cotton threads which our family-owned factories in Europe use to stitch together our original designs. We understand that sustainability is multifaceted. Materials matter, but so does durability and quality. To ensure both, our team carefully devises the ideal composition for each product.

For our bold tees, we found that 100% organic cotton was our best bet.

For our original socks, we’ve opted for durable organic paired with colorful blends to ensure our designs pop. This blend ticks all the boxes:

  • Original design? ✔️

  • Durability? ✔️

  • Better materials? ✔️

Responsible production and making strides towards our sustainability goals is a true balancing act. Working with organic cotton is just the beginning. We’re excited to continue innovating and will take a closer look at our better materials soon!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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