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Lighthouse Guardian No Show

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No Show · Light Blue
Regular price $7.45
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Lighthouse Guardian No Show


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These no-show socks are mini but mighty, and have all of the spunk of their longer counterparts. While the mid-calf Lighthouse Guardian might be a best seller, this mini version is sure to stand on its own two feet. Our beloved guard dog with his token yellow raincoat will keep you company all summer long – you'll just have to wait to kick off your shoes to enjoy his adorable mug. Plus, as each sock's different you can take your pick between the nautical pup's silhouette and the lighthouse views. Perfect for the warmer months, these invisible socks won't slip and will stay cool – everything you're looking for!
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  • Wash with cold water to maintain size and shape. 
  • Do not bleach to preserve colors.
  • Wash inside out.
  • Avoid tumble drying.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not rip the label off as this will damage your socks.  Remove it by gently pulling out the thread using your fingers.
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78% Combed Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
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